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Asienstech, a custom software development company was created through a joint venture between Workspace Infotech Limited and Merchaint Private Limited.

We are listed as one of the top custom software development companies in Singapore. Worldwide businesses rely on us for our specialty of using the latest technology to solve their most pressing problems.


Technologies & Language In Which We Have Excellency

No matter what your business is, Our coverage ensures everything in creation. Get to know it and climb the
success ladder. Increase The Efficiency Of Your Development Activities & Accelerate Your Digital Transformation.


Why Choose Us?

Through 15 years long journey, we have become one of the best software development companies in the world market. Besides, we uphold the level of perfection and never deviate from the aim of excellence.

As a consequence, Asiensetech confidently moving up the growth graph of the software industry. Our greatest assets are our team of Experienced Developer, Engineer, Designer, Co-Ordinator, Tester.

Asiensetech has a talent pool of more than 200 professionals with a wide range of skills in many areas of technology. Our team of software developers maintain the officially recognized Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and assist you solve even the most challenging technological problems.

In fact, Asiensetech offers the latest solutions while catering to the specific requirements of each client


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Why Should You Collaborate With Our Company?

Quicken the Pace of Delivery and Shorten the Time to Market

We’ll figure out what you want and take care of even the most difficult software development projects so you can spend more time improving the core parts of your business and making things run more smoothly.

Minimize Expenses During

We can make your software idea a reality at a cost that is up to 50% less than what it would cost you to build your team in-house. You will save money on development costs as well as time and money on hiring and training new employees if you choose Asienstech as your offshore software development team. This will make your company function more efficiently, resulting in increased profits.

Consistency for Excellent Results

We provide the highest quality and pay attention to detail in your marketing strategy. We are more than just a software service provider; we are an essential strategic technology partner who can handle projects of any size well and quickly. We will not stop until you are completely satisfied with our work. Also, you can be sure you’re in good hands because every customer who has received our service is pleased.

Adaptable Scalability

You have easy access to all of our software experts, so you can scale up or down your development team as needed to handle your growing list of projects. For your project, we will assemble an excellent software development team with the appropriate set of skills to leverage your in-house team.

Geographic Affinity

As a global software development company, we maintain a fast delivery process in different countries, including central and eastern Europe. This means that our web design and development services are available online 24/7 in Singapore and elsewhere.

The proper chain of command within the team enables us to accelerate your business’ growth rapidly. Our experts will quickly fit in with your in-house team, adopting your culture and teaching your staff how to change processes and behaviors

Why They Find Us Reliable?

System performance controllers

To ensure that our quality management system consistently meets the criteria set by ISO, we strictly adhere to coding guidelines and do comprehensive software testing.

Prompt and exact financial planning

We conduct a thorough preliminary examination of needs and available choices before settling on programming tools, cloud services, and team makeup.

Timetables that are based on reality

We break down a project’s road map into smaller segments and calculate a safety factor to properly estimate its length, taking into account the software’s complexity, the complexity of the technological stack, and the team’s skills.

Free and open provision of services

We keep everyone updated on the project’s status, have frank discussions about any problems that may arise, and make necessary adjustments to the development process to keep schedule variances and waste to a minimum.

Promoting Development of Better

To ensure that the software is a worthwhile investment, we provide proactive recommendations for adding functionality, enhancing the user experience, and gaining a competitive edge.

Relevant and individualized outreach
to key constituents

We adapt the frequency, manner, degree of detail, and structure of communication in accordance with the decisions made by your stakeholders.

Set a Goal for Your Software Project

Asiensetech, an experienced and trustworthy software development firm, can:

  • Participate in full-cycle software development.
  • Deliver UX/UI software design services.
  • Propose app creation help for all platforms.
  • Participate in a software development project by offering workers to fill up knowledge gaps.
  • Increase the quality of the program by updating it and making necessary changes to the architecture, code, and design.
  • Publish updated features, designs, and integrations.
  • The program has to be checked for errors and the issues fixed.


Our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable web development and design services. Since 2009 we have been assisting different companies in promoting their business with the help of our software development services. We establish a standard in employing digital technology to grow businesses internationally. Customer satisfaction, openness, creativity, cooperation, and growth are some of our core principles.


Our vision is to advance from our existing position in the market and become a top provider of web solutions in the IT industry. We pledge to assist our clients in attaining their business objectives because we understand that their success is our success. We value accuracy and the highest level of quality in our work. We aim to be recognized as the IT industry’s most dependable, creative, and user-friendly software service provider.